Children's Protective Services
Pre-Service Institute (PSI)
Week 1 -- Field Week  
Homework Log
Study Guides 
Study Guide Assignment - Policy PSM 711
Study Guide Assignment - Policy PSM 712
Study Guide Assignment - Policy PSM 713
Study Guide Assignment - Policy PSM 714
Study Guide Assignment - Policy PSM 715

MiTEAM Model Plan
MiTeam Model Snapshot
MiTEAM Brochure
MiTEAM CWTI Strengthening Practice Handbook
Business Writing Basics (DHS only)
Online Manual Introduction
Native American Affairs (NAA) Tribal Service Area Map legend
NAA Tribal Service Area Map
Assignment for Tribal Contact
Perspectives from the Bench
Week 2
Child Welfare Philosophy
Training Rules Agreement
Core Values
Constitutional Rights and Child Welfare Issues
14th and 4th Amendment Handout
Constitutional Rights True or False
Pea Case
O'Donnell Brief
Forensic Interviewing Protocol
State of Michigan Sudden & Unexplained Child Death Scene Investigation Form
21 Not Knowing Skills
Normal Child Development
Abnormal Child Development
Characteristics Of Well Formed Goals
Week 3
History of ICWA
Active Efforts Exercise
Introduction to Mental Health
A.G. Kelley Letter
Visual Assessment Permission Form DHS-708
Child Death Investigation Checklist
CPS Investigation Field Guide
Report of Actual or Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect DHS-3200
Children's Protective Services Manual 712-4
Mandated Reporter Follow Up L-06-146
Visual Assessment Permission Form DHS-708
Maintaining Professionalism in Court Reports and Testimony L-00-202
Bowler Letter re: Falsification of Agency Records
Week 4
Time Management Techniques
Authorization for Services Form DHS-93
Authorization To Release Confidential Information DHS 1555cs
Request for Medical Health Information DHS-1163-M
Request for Mental Health Information DHS-1163-P
Medical Resources Service Contract L-08-161
Incident Report of Workplace Violence DHS-3904
Home Call Checklist
Dog Safety
DHS Methamphetamine Protocol
Identification of Potentially Violent Customers L-08-042
Lisa's Law Update and Safety Training Information L-01-173
Worker Safety Protocol and Best Practice Update L-05-135
Week 5 -- Field Week 
Field Kit List 
Week 6 -- Field Week 
Week 7 
Youth In Transition PPT
New Relative Licensing Process/Requirements L-08-131
Courtroom Testimony Guide
Week 8 -- Field Week 
Week 9 -- Field Week