Job Aids 

Absent Parent
Forensic Interviewing
DHS Methamphetamine
Michigan Child Injury and Death Coordinated Investigaton
Michigan Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Medical 
Michigan Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Response Protocol
Screening and Assessment for Family Engagement, Retention, and Recovery (SAFERR)

Resource Guides
Achieving Permanency in Child Protection Proceedings
Absent Without Legal Permission (AWOLP)
Families First Program Guidelines
Indian Child Welfare Act
Michigan Child Welfare Legal Resource Guide (large file, allow time to download)
Guidelines for Comprehensive Assessment of Infants and Their Parents in the Child Welfare System (large file, allow time to download) 
Family Guide to Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education at a Juvenile Justice Facility  
Crossover Youth Practice Model  
Children in Foster Care with Parents in Federal Prison     

Resource Videos
Office of Family Advocate - Child Fatality Webcasts
Foster/Adoptive Parent Database

Birth Registry Access and Screen Shots
LEIN Misuse and Penalties

A Parent's Guide to working with Children's Protective Services 
Birth Registry Access and Screen Shots
LEIN Misuse and Penalties
Structured Decision Making  
Child Care Services For Families Working with Children’s Services 
Effective Communications for Persons who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing    

Foster Care
Birth Registry Access and Screen Shots
CI Template_11-002
Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) ages 0-3 DHS-433
Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) ages 4-9 DHS-434
Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) ages 10-13 DHS-435
Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) ages 14 and older DHS-432
Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) Domain
Core Values of MI DHS Child Welfare
Court Flow Chart
Court Room Testimony
DHS Funding Limits Chart 
Eligibility Requirements for Title IV-E Funding
Family Assessment of Needs and Strengths (FANS) DHS-145
Guide for Completing Service Plans in SWSS-FAJ
Guide to Foster Care Forms
Home Study and Relative Placement Waiver    
Interstate Compact
Initial Service Plan (ISP) Process/Content
LEIN Misuse and Penalties
Licensing Relatives    
PAFC Contact List
Parent Agency Treatment Plan & Service Agreement DHS-67
Mandatory Parent Time Visits
Permanent Ward Service Plan (PWSP) Process/Content 
Permanency Outcome Goals  
POS Model Talking Points
POS Monitor Job Responsibilities
Pre-Ten Waiver 
Replacement Checklist 
Structured Decision Making (SDM) Chart
Structured Decision Making (SDM) Forms and Usage
Structured Decision Making & Family Reunification Assessment DHS-147
Stuctured Decision Making Safety Assessment and Plan DHS-149
Time Frames and Responsibilities for a New Foster Care Case (DHS)
Updated Service Plan (USP) process/Content
Worker Visit Handouts

Juvenile Justice
Birth Registry Access and Screen Shots
LEIN Misuse and Penalties
Implications of Adolescent Brain Development for Juvenile Justice 
Legal Flowcharts   
Michigan Youth Reentry Model  
SEAMLESS SYSTEM Flowchart     
SWSS FAJ Medicaid for Youth in Detention, Jail and Training School 
Reentry Handbook  
PCS Care Coordinators Map   
MRS District Office Directory     
Licensing Workers/Foster and Adoptive Parents 
Addressing Educational Needs 
CDC Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers    
Characteristics of Successful Adoptive Families   
Foster-Adoptive Fam Trauma  
Foster Care-Education  
National Education Brochure   
Promising Practices     
Parenting a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused
Foster Parents Considering Adoption
Preparing and Supporting Foster Parents Who Adopt
Kinship Caregivers and the Child Welfare System
Openness in Adoption: Building Relationships Between Adoptive and Birth Families
Helping Your Foster Child Transition to Your Adopted Child
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents
Leaving Your Child Home Alone
Supporting Your LGBTQ Youth: A Guide for Foster Parents
Rural Child Welfare Practice
“Special Needs” Adoption: What Does It Mean?
Helping Youth Transition to Adulthood: Guidance for Foster Parents 
Managing Child Behaviors  

Substance Abuse
SAFESA Color version
SAFESA Non-Color version

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
Indian Child Welfare Act – Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act Reference Comparison Chart    
Michigan Supreme Court Morris decision regarding ICWA Notification
Active Efforts Exercise
Placement Exercise
Introduction to ICWA
History of ICWA
ICWA Placement Preference Presentation
ICWA Agreement Between the Saginaw Chippewa Indain Tribe of Michigan and The Michigan DHS
PowerPoint: Child Welfare Agreement; Working with the State for the best outcomes for Indian Children and Families
State Of Michigan Indian Child Welfare Act Field Guide 
Tribal-State Relations  

Other Resources
Changing Times--CFSR, Families, Caseworkers and Courts-What Now by James Payne.ppt
Coaching in Child Welfare      
DHS Childrens Services Resources*
Engaging Absent Parents by Justice Maura D. Corrigan.ppt
Fostering Family Engagement Through Humility by Robert M. Ortega, PhD.ppt
Trauma-Informed Practice by Jim Henry, PhD.ppt
Accurate Documentation of Caseworker Visits in SWSS FAJ
Accurate Documentation of Caseworker Visits in SWSS CPS
LGBTQ Resources
LGBTQ References
LGBTQ Youth Disclosure to Parents and Friends
ICPC Regulation No. 2
ICPC Regulation No. 3
ICPC Regulation No. 7
ICPC Statement of Case Manager/Potential Placement/Party Under Regulation No. 2
ICPC Statement of Case Manager/Potential Placement/Party Under Regulation No. 7
National Child Traumatic Stress Newtork Fact Sheet for Secondary Traumatic Stress for Child-Serving Professionals

*Can only be accessed via the state intranet.