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DHS-3200 - report actual or suspected child abuse or neglect.
Training Verification Form - pdf - for documenting non-CWTI in-service training.
Training Verification Form - doc - for documenting non-CWTI in-service training.
Payment Voucher DHS-1582
Travel Voucher DHS-1582-TV 
Travel Voucher for Non-State Employees DHS-1582-TV-NSE (Revised 6-15)

DHS -60 PAFC Staff Profile Security Agreement  - PAFC authorized requesters use this form to request access to SWSS Web.
DHS-60 PAFC Staff Profile Security Agreement Tutorial
PAFC Contract Number Spreadsheet - Use this spreadsheet to identify your PAFC contract number.  

OmniTrack Plus
In-Service Training Registration Request Form  
New Class-Session Request Form